In today's internet dating world, some people might assume that romance and chivalry are dead. However, you can show the girl you've been crushing on exactly how you feel – through good old fashion romantic gestures.

1. Write a note

There may be nothing better to get your foot in the door with your crush than writing her a heartfelt note about how you feel. Make sure to keep it basic, but add in a few special details, such as how you love her smile or how she is always friendly and nice to everyone.

2. Ask her on a date

This may seem like a no-brainer, but many guys today shy away from asking out the potential girl of their dreams. Instead of keeping your feelings inside for fear of rejection, stand up and go for the gold. The worst thing that can happen is she says no and you'll realize she's actually not the girl for you.

3. Send roses

All girls love to receive flowers that they can proudly display on their desks at work and it may be your chance to finally get your crush to take you seriously. An arrangement like Teleflora's A Dozen Lavender Roses may be perfect as it's understated and beautiful. This collection of lavender roses is surrounded by lush greenery and comes is a classic glass urn vase she can reuse once the roses finish blooming. Be sure to include a sweet note to really get her heart racing.