June is the start of peony season and these cheerful blooms are great for decorating your living room, kitchen or even outside in your garden. Although many flower enthusiasts have heard of this lovely bud, there may be some facts surrounding these flowers that surprise you.

1. Peonies are easy to grow.

Peonies may be a great choice for people new to the gardening scene as they are hearty plants that are also disease-resistant, so they don’t need pesticides to grow, according to MarthaStewart.com. Once the buds are established in your garden, they require little upkeep, just a bit of water each day.

2. They come in a range of forms.

Peonies come in eight forms, or shapes, meaning there’s most likely at least one type that suits every person’s unique style. Forms include the anemone, which is a low-growing version, the single, which looks like a big daisy, the lotus, a heavy-blooming version that has two or three layers of petals, and the chrysanthemum, which has many petals – five to 10 layers to be exact.

3. They make great gifts.

Since peonies are easy to take care of and are beautiful, they are a great option when it comes to sending a loved one flowers on a special occasion. An arrangement like Teleflora’s Perfect Peonies may be a wonderful choice as this bouquet comes with freshly cut pink peonies and lovely green ivy.

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