September may be the first month of fall, but that doesn't mean that summer's bright colors have gone. September's blooms are full, hardy and gorgeous additions for any wedding, and each flower comes in such a variety of colors that a seasonal floral bouquet can match any color-scheme. For brides purchasing flowers for their September wedding, keep in mind that you will want to make selections that are both locally and seasonally in bloom. The reason being that the florist will likely have an abundance of this genus, whose local blooms should be brighter and last long through the wedding night.

What Blooms Where:

East Coast
During September, the East Coast will be profuse with amaryllis, bittersweet, crab apple, hydrangea, ornamental berries, rose, sugar maple and sunflower. 

September brides hosting a slightly informal affair would do well to choose sunflowers as their floral focal point. These bright blooms make a statement with a sharp contrast from dark centers to bold petals. These flowers don't only come in the traditional yellow, but they can also be found in lemon, deep gold, orange, russet and brown. If you are a bride expecting to see these large stalks throughout your tent, then look no further, but for the other brides who may be hesitant, be aware that this flower comes in a variety of sizes. Sunflowers are also an ideal wedding bloom because they symbolize adoration and loyalty, perfect for this special day.

At the beginning of fall, the dahlia, rose, scabiosa, rose hip, ornamental berries, crab apple and autumn foliage are at their peak.

The dahlia is immediately recognizable for its bright and plentiful blooms. These flowers are striking if nothing else, and you can make a statement with them in white, yellow, orange, pink, red or purple. The history of the Dahlia is mired in thievery and intrigue, so it is no wonder that the flower carries the meaning, forever mine.  

West Coast 
The flowers you will find in bloom on the West Coast at this time include the chrysanthemum, cosmos, coreopsis, Gerber daisy, hydrangea, lisianthius, pomegranate, rose and rose hip. 

The cosmos is ideal for a romantic wedding. It is much like a daisy, but with a delicate touch. Not only are the blooms gentle in appearance, the foliage also has an airy effect. Even the modern wedding bride would do well to choose a minimalist arrangement with these flowers. You can find cosmos in varying colors from white, pale pink, dark pink to chocolate.  

In this part of America in September you can find blooms of bittersweet, galax, hydrangea, ornamental berries, rose, salvia, sassafras and sumac. 

Hydrangeas are a very common flower, and can be found in almost any color imaginable, including rare colors like green, burgundy and blue. Even when dried, these blooms can be dyed to match any wedding color-scheme. The reason this flower is great for weddings in particular is that it represents devotion. What better way to decorate your wedding than with the symbolic touch of a hydrangea?