For high school and college seniors, spring is all about one thing: graduation. Seniors are saying goodbye to their schools and universities and moving onto the next stage of their lives. But before they move on, they get to celebrate their amazing academic accomplishments! Flowers have a longstanding role in graduation ceremonies, whether they're worn by graduates as they walk across the stage or presented to them after the ceremony is over. If your loved one is graduating this spring, and you aren't sure what flowers you need for the celebratory event, take a look at this guide to graduation florals:

What Flowers Should You Use?
Flowers can be used in myriad ways to celebrate the graduate in your life, but before deciding which arrangements you want to use, you first have to decide on the flowers themselves. There are a few ways to determine this: First, if the graduate has a floral preference, say they love tulips, that's always a good choice. Or, consider using flowers in the school's colors for an extra festive touch. Finally, consider some traditional graduation blooms that never go out of style. For instance, orchids, roses and carnations are all popular choices that your graduating senior is sure to love.

Corsages and Boutonnieres 
Corsages and boutonnieres were traditionally presented to graduates to wear during their walk across the stage, and though the custom has become a little less common, it's still a fun way to celebrate the big day. These arrangements – a wrist corsage for a girl and a lapel boutonniere for a boy – are usually given by the parents of the senior before the ceremony. If you live in an coastal state and the school is OK with it, you can also consider presenting your graduate with a floral lei for the ceremony!

A Graduation Gift
Whether you can make it to your favorite senior's party or you're celebrating the event from out of town, flowers make a great graduation gift. In-person friends and family members can present a beautiful bouquet after the ceremony is over, while out-of-town loved ones can have flowers hand-delivered to the graduate's house to support him or her from afar. If you're interested in sending a gift remotely, you can even gift the graduate with a plant that will last a lot longer than a bouquet. Send Teleflora's Good Luck Bamboo to bring your senior good fortune in his or her future endeavors. Graduating high school seniors can bring a plant with them to their dorm rooms and college graduates can bring one into the office to decorate their first professional desk.

Arrangements for the Celebration
Centerpieces or other florals you can use to decorate for the graduation party are the last type of arrangement you may want to consider. Find something fun and festive and place it on a table near a guest book or large card that everyone can sign. Or, if you gave the graduate a bouquet at the end of the ceremony, have a decorative vase set up already in which you can arrange the flowers as soon as you get home – or to wherever the party is taking place.